Types of Guitar

A guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments from the young, old, male and female. But if you are still new and just want to learn, you can visit guitarlessonsoakville.com. And you should first recognize the various types of guitars as below.

1. Acoustic guitar

Speaking of acoustic guitars, there are two types: those that have a steel-base string and a classic one. The striking difference between the two types is the body of the classical guitar that tends to be wider with the same relative size, but the acoustic guitar can be made with various sizes. For its own voice, an acoustic guitar can be used for various types of music genres such as jazz, pop, rock, etc. While classical guitars are limited only to classical music. In the way of use is also different, if the classical guitar can be played with the fingers of the hand, acoustic guitar must use the plectrum because the strings are made of steel.

2. Electric guitar

This type of guitar is usually played for rock, jazz, pop and even blues by using amplifiers that aim to get the tone of sound as desired. Electric guitar, when compared with the acoustic guitar, must have a difference, the strings on the electric guitar that tends to be thinner and heavier weight than the acoustic guitar. The resulting sound is also more rough and fast, unlike an acoustic guitar that produces a softer sound.

3. Archtop guitar

This guitar is a guitar with a semi-hollow body and a steel string that is generally well-liked by jazz musicians almost all over the world. Although it looks somewhat similar between the archtop and the acoustic guitar, they are different, the archtop has a top body made of maple, while most acoustic guitars use spruce wood. When played anyway, archtop sounds that tend to be more like an electric guitar but with a touch of mellow. What is clear to you fans of jazz music, this guitar is very suitable to be an option.