Two recommended methods for carpet maintenance

Carpets tend to always absorb dirt, stains and animal fur as well as mold and mildew. Taking good care of your carpet will prevent dust stains, animal dander and carpet insects that live on your carpet. We advise you to keep your carpet with 2 important methods. Meanwhile, you may visit to hire the popular carpet cleaning service near your area.

method # 1 (Keeping the Carpet Always Clean) like the example below to do with caring for your carpet;

Clean Carpet Surfaces With Peyedot Dust And Also Lift Your Carpet (if It Can Be Raised) And Also Clean The Bottom Of The Carpet.

In Wash Using Water And Cleaner For Carpet Clean Carpets Clean In All Parts Of The Carpet.

Method # 2 (Eliminates Odor From Carpets) In any carpet that has been worn for long periods and will not be treated will cause the smell on your carpet as below to remove it;

Drying the carpet to the smell of his Lost or give something that keeps your carpet to be no longer smelly.

Provide Caravans For Carpets So That The Carpet Does not Smell Again Or Give Something That Can Make A Rotten Carpet Back.


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