The Cycling Myths That Must Be Known

Some people understand that cycling provides great benefits to health and the environment. But in reality, there are also some people who are reluctant to ride because they believe the myths that are not true about cycling. Well, what are the myths and facts surrounding the cycling? Here are some myths that need to be straightened out of understanding!

1. Cyclists breathe more pollution on the streets
This myth is what often makes people reluctant to ride a bicycle in the middle of a big city. In fact, the risk of inhaling air pollution on the road can be anticipated by using a mask that covering the nose that usually wears by motorcyclists. In addition, if you still want to ride but do not want to be exposed to air pollution then you can use the best zwift trainer that allows you to ride at home but allows you to connect with thousands of other cyclists as well as allow you to set the time you want either morning or night.

2. Cycling makes the calves great
This myth generally makes women reluctant to ride. Large calves are certainly quite disturbing for women when they have to wear short skirts. Though the fact is not so. Cycling does not make the calves big. Types of sports that can make a big calf is a type of weightlifting exercise. While cycling will only make the muscles become toned as well as sports or aerobic sports.

3. Cycling can trigger heart attacks
If cycling is done in the right way, then cycling activities actually reduce the risk of heart disease even up to 50%. Cycling is done regularly will make the heart muscles become stronger. Perform regular cycling activities with a stroke intensity of no more than 80% maximum pulse rate. Also follow a healthy lifestyle by avoiding cigarettes, stress, rest with enough and strenuous exercise so that the risk of heart attack decreases.