The benefits of banana for health and beauty

Benefits of bananas, especially in the field of health and beauty. The use of bananas can be trusted safe and not at risk. So that more people are utilizing bananas for their needs. Here are 30 benefits of bananas good for health or for beauty. Aside from that, you can go to and find a supplement which contains the nutrients of bananas.

1). Treating Stomach Disease (Ulcer)

There is a myth that the content of bananas can increase stomach acid and gastric gas, so ulcer patients should not consume too much. In fact, the content of this banana fruit that will be able to treat the pain in the stomach.

You can consume it when the stomach pain because of your ulcer relapse. Eat the banana as if it were your stomach medicine. By doing it regularly, you will find a better condition than the previous Maag.

2). Improve Kidney Health

Potassium on one banana as it is known above is very high in number. Potassium content is very useful to help kidney work. Thus, regular consumption of bananas can help improve kidney health.

3). Diet / Weight Loss Program

Banana fruit is a fruit that contains fructose with low glycemic index. The content of this type of sugar is certainly very good, making a banana is perfect for consumption during a diet. Protein content can also meet the needs of the body and fat and carbohydrate content is not worried to interfere with your diet program. In addition, the fiber content in bananas can help to smooth digestion and make you full faster. Therefore, consume bananas as part of your diet program.