Some SEO Sections You Need to Know

In the current Internet age, you may have a personal website or blog or job. However, the blog or website would require good traffic to be widely known by the people and can raise the profits of the company. To that end, many people end up choosing to use parasite SEO in order to ride other larger websites. You also need to know about how to rank parasite sites if you want to use this SEO technique.

SEO does have some parts that should be known by everyone who uses it. Some of the sections in question are

1. Page SEO
The purpose of the SEO page is to modify the page name. By using rewrite module, you can change the name according to what you want. With changes the name of the website you have, then you will increase the security of the website, because visitors who intend to destroy or even hack your website, will not know what file is active.

2. Title SEO
The title of an SEO page is divided into two, namely static title and dynamic title. If you create a static title, then the title applies to all pages of the website. Meanwhile, the title dynamic usually refers to the title of an article. This title usually helps in increasing the rating on search engines based on article titles.

3. SEO Content
Content is the content, ie SEO techniques by writing highly relevant and supportive article content with article titles. For example, if you write an article about cancer, you must explain everything about the disease in detail.

Typically, an SEO URL is the title of the article itself. This section is not much different from the SEO page, only this SEO URL is usually dynamic.
From all parts of SEO, you may no longer be surprised and confused because you can understand the workings of SEO that you have used it. so, try to find that out and learn it.