Side effects of dental implants

You need to know, almost most surgical procedures have side effects. However, the side effects that are already common and temporary, some can cause complications, although this is rare. Complications such as failure, sinus problems arise, or nerve damage may result from poor procedures. Therefore, you need to hire the trusted professionals like the orthodontist Winnipeg, if you only want to get the best result and avoid the bad side effects.

Here are some side effects when undergoing a permanent dental implant surgery procedure:

1. Bleeding Dental Implant Locations

It is very likely after this permanent dental implant surgery. There is even a continuation of up to 1-2 days. Follow the postoperative instructions of the doctor to overcome them, it is usually recommended to bite the gauze in case of bleeding.

2. Pain or moderate pain

As with most surgeries, you may feel pain after this dental implant surgery. But you do not have to worry because this is common and doctors must have prepared prescription painkillers that will help you overcome this pain.

3. Bruises On Face

You may notice a bruising effect on your face, as well as a gum color change. If this happens, you should not worry, because these side effects will subside after a few days after the surgical procedure. And even if you follow correctly the postoperative instructions ordered by your dentist, including taking prescribed medicines or compressing them with ice water.

4. Damage to the Nerve and Anesthetic Risk

Damage to the nerves can occur when the dentist injects local anesthetics. This can also occur during implant installation. The effect can be harmful to the patient, ranging from numbness to pain and even trouble to talk and eat. That is why it is important to choose a competent and experienced dentist to handle the installation of permanent dentures.

5. Infection and Inflammation

These side effects usually arise mainly because the patient does not follow postoperative procedures, such as the obligation to consume prescribed antibiotics. If infection occurs, swelling around the area of the implant may occur even though surgery has passed days ago. However, if the patient follows all the doctor’s instructions, it is likely that these side effects occur only in the first postoperative week alone.