Clean Glass and Window in Your Room Using These Materials

You would be annoyed if you see a dirty window with dust stuck. For that, you are required to find the right curtain so as not to find it difficult to clean it. If you do not know and determine the right curtains for the house and room you have. Then, you can find the right curtain in Keeleys Window Blinds. After determining the right curtain for your room and your house, then it’s time you know how to clean the right window.

Normally, you will clean the windows with a good cloth and window cleaner. However, in fact, there are other ways you can use to clean the window. some way is

1. Combination of Vinegar and Newspapers
Vinegar which is a natural and very powerful acid solution to remove impurities on the surface of the window. Not only dust can be removed with this fluid, but also hand footprints that usually caulk on windows and glass. After you use vinegar on the glass, then dry with a newspaper. Why Newspapers? Because it can absorbent material of dust and dirt is very good. However, you also have to be careful because the writing on the newspaper will usually be easy to stick to the hand or frame of the window.

2. Fabrics
To clean the stained-glass windows with a special liquid, you can use a soft, soft cloth or use a tissue to clean large windows. With the fabric you use, then you can use it again when you need it later, it can also save the cost you will spend.

3. Alcohol, Vinegar and Soda
You can also mix alcohol, vinegar, and soda water to lighten the glass and jumper you have. These materials can produce natural and effective ingredients in optimally cleaning window glass. This material can also be used to clean the glass surface on the table, mirror until the other furniture is made from glass.