Choosing a dress for the unique body shapes

A Different body shape requires a different type of a dress, so we’d like to share with you some tips for it. Meanwhile, you can also check out the highly-recommended Floral Maxi Dress if it suits your style.

Tips on choosing a dress according to the shape of the triangle body

In women with triangular body shapes, they have a very slender chest and hips, and the proportion of the lower part of the body is getting smaller and smaller, tapered like an inverted triangle. To overcome this, you must avoid dress with an accessory necklace that dangles long.

To add volume to the chest, choose a short-sized necklace with medium-sized decoration. Currently, the types of necklaces are piled up in trends among women. You can use it to cover the less prominent part of your chest.

To balance the proportion of the body that is smaller at the bottom, choose a dress with a subordinate intersecting A that falls just above the knee. There are so many models of Korean-style clothing with a cut of a trendy A like this.

Tips on choosing the straight body shape dress

Women with straight body shape are recommended to avoid sweater or knit dress. You can add several layers to your dress, such as wearing a jacket or cardigan above the dress to give the impression of them.

Put a medium-sized belt to give more definition to your waist.

The bubble dress is currently rampantly sold in the market (also trending once because it is a model of the old clothes ala programmed!).

Tips on choosing a dress according to an hourglass body shape

Show your curves that attract attention by binding your waist with a belt. This is a fat woman dress model to look slim that is perfect for hourglass body shape.

Dress with knee length will be more suitable worn by the body shaped the body of an hourglass because the average woman with this body shape has beautiful legs.

If you do not know what body shape you have then you can take a test that is widely available online at beauty information provider sites, or from Asian inspiring fashion bloggers. Then, make this article your reference to choose the right dress for your body shape.